Welcome to Earthsoulyoga Centre in Bandon

a safe sanctuary where people can experience the healing and wisdom of yoga, movement medicine and holistic therapies

Timetable for January & February

Monday Morn 9.45 to 11 – Hatha Yoga with Claire Booth

Monday Eve 6.15 to 7.30 – Gentle Somatic Yoga with Trish

Monday Eve 7.45 to 9 – Beginners  Yoga with Trish

Tuesday Morn 11.30 – 12.45 – Gentle Somatic Yoga with Trish

Tuesday Avo 2.20 to 3.20 – Kids Yoga with Vivian (younger group)

Tuesday Avo 3.30 to 4.30 Kids Yoga with Vivian (older group)

Tuesday Eve 6 to 7.15 – Gentle Yoga with Vivian

Tuesday Eve 7.30 to 8.30 – Yoga Tune-up with Claire Murphy

Wednesday Eve 6.15 to 7.15 – Teen Yoga with Trish

Wednesday Eve 7.30 to 9 – Improvers Yoga with Trish

Thursday Eve  6.20 to 7.30 – Pregnancy Yoga with Tania

Thursday Eve 7.40 to 9 – Satyananda Yoga with Tania

To book into a class please make contact with the relevant teacher. 

Claire Booth – 087 – 4643148

Claire Murphy – 087 – 6640018

Vivian – 085 – 2361317

Tania – 087 – 2220789

Trish – 085 – 7617258

Please note everyone has different starting date, term times, and payment schedules.  Some offer drop in classes while other teachers like you to pay by term.      

Tania Murphy

I was introduced to yoga through the Satyananda system of Yoga, at Mangrove Mountain Ashram, in NSW, Australia. in the late ’80’s. It’s a progressive format, starting gently and developing body and breath awareness. More a classical form of yoga, derived directly from the Tantras and interpreted for modern life by Swami Satyananda and his successor Swami Nirajanananda. It is a complete system, as each class includes breathing practise, asanas and a deep relaxation / or meditation. Anyone interested in yoga knows, it’s a minefield of various practices; So many breathing techniques, so many meditations and so many variations on asana practice, can keep the practitioner on a continuous learning curb. I also teach pregnancy yoga, mother and baby class, kids, teens and the elderly. Recently, I’ve qualified for Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, a specific course for chronic lower back pain sufferers. This was funded by Arthritis UK and researched by York University, in an attempt to bring this very specific yoga to the NHS.



PREGNANCY YOGA ( Uma Dinsmore-tuli)

Yoga healthy lower backs YHLB ( Alison Trewhela) Years of practice: 25 Years teaching: 14

tania murphy satyananda yoga

Claire Murphy

With an already established background in holistic therapies, therapeutic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and Reiki, Claire qualified as a Yoga Instructor in 2017 with her licence and certification in Yoga Tune Up. Alongside the physical and practical Yoga Tune Up training, Claire also undertook a yoga apprenticeship /mentorship throughout 2017 in order to deepen her own practice and widen her knowledge of the principle foundations and philosophy of Yoga. On her yoga journey for over 20 years she has practiced and embraced yoga in many of its forms and it has been a constant in her life. A complete yoga geek, attending countless yoga classes, yoga retreats and workshops, mindfulness, meditation, loving kindness retreats and workshops. She has studied the work of and has gained knowledge and inspiration from many wonderful, experienced and open minded teachers. With a regular practice of the more traditional yoga styles such as Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, along the way she has also encountered and practiced more contemporary yoga styles such as Yogalaties, Yoga to House Music, Acro Yoga, Animal Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Aerial Yoga , womb yoga to name but a few She came to realise that there is a form of yoga for everyone and the common thread is giving a person the tools with which to access and connect with their body and the freedom that this brings. It has been a lifelong practice to truly understand what yoga means and share her experience with others by becoming an Instructor herself . When the opportunity for her to study as a Yoga Tune Up Instructor finally presented itself she met it with both trepidation and excitement- she felt the fear but did it anyway. So come along, join Claire on the mat and share the learning journey.

Welcome to Yoga Tune Up:  Yoga Tune Up breaks down the mechanics of movement by using traditional yoga postures to bring awareness to how we move as individuals. It’s a fun class as we play around by changing the pose orientation and give the poses context, we also use props and Yoga Tune Up Balls to incorporate self massage techniques to identify body blind spots which is addictive! Yoga Tune Up gives us a deeper understanding of how our individual bodies move, it really thinks outside of the box and pushes the parameters of a traditional yoga class. Yoga Tune Up is for everyone no matter what level you are at, it will improve your overall strength, flexibility and coordination. Yoga Tune Up teaches us to be students of our own bodies. It helps us to “Tune” into areas that have been neglected or underused and reacquaints us with our bodies movement by movement breath by breath. About

Claire Murphy Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller

Claire Booth

I found yoga in the mid 1990’s. As most yoga teachers are bound to say – I loved it – but not because I found peace and spirituality immediately on the mat but because I found a very physical activity that I connected with. The feeling of calm and satisfaction that I got from my yoga was so intensely satisfying it was like a mini retreat from whatever the day offered up to me – good or bad, I always felt much better after my yoga class. In many ways, that is how yoga still is for me today. Eventhough, over the years yoga has become more incorporated into my life. I have slowed down my pace on the mat hugely in the last few years and look more for how a posture feels in my body rather than aim for the perfect posture. I like fluid movement and the way my breath aids smooth transition in and out of posture. Above all else, I like to enjoy and not overthink it. I am an accredited yoga teacher with British Wheel of Yoga. Taking my diploma in 2010 under the guidance of Tara Fraser and Wendy Hareing in London. I have practiced and studied various forms of yoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Sivananda, Anusara, Yoga Flow. There is no particular form I like most as all yoga asana is “Hatha” and all serve to make us more comfortable in our form. My classes will be gently active and fluid – though adapted for everyone’s ease. I will probably talk about breath a lot though I wont force it on you  “Yoga invites you to live your life more honestly both on and off the mat”

TRAINING: Yoga is an ongoing development in my life. Here is a brief selection of trainings I’ve done : 2017: Yin Yoga and Mindful Meditation – Josh Summers 2016: JadeWood – Yin Yoga 2010-2015: Sienna Miller (Anusara), Simon Low (Yin/Yang), Neil Patel (Ayurveda and yoga), Jo Manuel (Yoga for Children with Special Needs) Carlos Pomeda (guided meditation Course), Chakra clearing 2007-2010: BWY accredited Diploma (Tara Fraser/Wendy Haring) 2010: Yoga for Pregnancy (Janet Balaskas) – Active Birth Centre, London

Vivian Fogarty

Vivian has been practising yoga for over 25 years, qualified in 2013 Radiant Child Yoga and Special Needs Yoga for children. In 2017 she completed Contemporary Yoga teacher training .Her background in education inspired her to set up ‘Yoga Beoga’ in 2014 – a unique initiative to bring Yoga and Mindfulness to primary schools in Cork city and county. Through Yoga Beoga Vivian has brought her two big loves together children and yoga! As a teacher she is engaging, clear and connects easily with children ensuring they have lots of fun. Vivian is passionate about the benefits that yoga brings to all & sees firsthand the difference it makes to children. She offers a gentle restorative yoga class to adults to recharge body , soul and mind in these busy times.


From McSweeney Quay, beside the Bandon River, there is a laneway between Urru and Time For You, Factory Lane.  Go down this lane and the Centre is the first door on the right, upstairs. I hope to have a sign up by the end of January : )