One to One Sessions

I offer one to one sessions in Yoga, Somatic Movement and iRest Meditation.  Depending on your desires and needs we can choose a programme that best suits you.

These sessions may suit if you are nervous of coming to a group class and would like to get a grounding in the practice before joining others.

They are also useful if you have a personal issue that you would like to address.  Some examples are back pain, breathing difficulties, lack of functional and easeful movement, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, & poor posture. They can also be highly effective in treating anxiety, chronic stress, depression, trauma, eating disorders, lack of self esteem & PTSD.

I will hold the space safely for you to explore your needs and will guide you through gentle practices that will help to bring ease to your body and mind.

I also work with teenagers.  I am passionate about helping teens find their way in this life.  Helping them to access the resource of their own innate intelligence and empowering them to trust themselves in it.


One to one session: €60

A set of six sessions : €300

Students One to One: €50

Students, set of six sessions: €240

The first session will last up to an hour and twenty minutes.  There after sessions will be about one hour long.