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Create a Vision Board.

 “Tell me, what is it you plan to do              …
Being Bodies Yoga

Being Bodies

I am reading a brilliant book at the moment.  (Well one of a…
grey blue day sadness divine homesickness

Divine Homesickness

Today I am visited again by my old friend, deep sadness.  She…
Falling. Yoga. Laughing. Trying.

Falling down, again and again.

Last night I showed up to teach a yoga class.   Nobody arrived.…
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What to expect in one of my classes.

I think it can be quite daunting for people to walk in to…

Tips on How to Start a Home Practice

  Touching your toes is not important...awareness, breath,…
earth soul yoga

why the name earthsoulyoga?

  Well as a novice yoga teacher, sometimes I take…
Bandon Yoga Earth Soul

Hello world!

Hello world indeed!   So this is just a little introduction…