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Hello world!

stepping out

stepping out

Hello world indeed!   So this is just a little introduction to my blogging.  I am nervous at the thought of putting myself out there. and yet this is the part that must come next if I am to move with the flow of my own life.  I have always been a ‘go with the flow’ kinda girl, but I guess Yoga has shown me the real possibility of ease if you move with the flow.  So here it is, me moving with the flow of the universe in me

I am not sure how this blog is going to shape up.  I imagine it might be a little wonky to start.  Awkward in places.  Like someone learning their instrument for the first time.  There will be times I will strike the wrong chord, times I will fumble around trying to find the melody and times  my rhythm will be all out of kilter.  But hopefully it it will always be deeply honest, and in time it will flow with ease and grace to create something beautiful.

But in the meantime I will just keep it real.  As my dear friend lovingly noted yesterday, when I apologised for my grumpiness…”Just keeping it real Trish, just keeping it real!”  : )

This blog will be about yoga and living, endeavouring to be in the moment and the grissly bits these  efforts can bring up.   Sometimes I will write short articles on elements of yoga that I have found helpful. Other times I will write about the trials and tribulations of motherhood and life in the modern age, and how these may be approached in a way that helps me to live with more peace and happiness in my heart.  I am  not sure what other bits and bobs might pop up, but I will leave it open to grand possibility.  At all times I will be writing not so much to teach anyone anything, but to remind myself and hopefully share some of this interesting journey that is life with others.

So see you out here in cyber space soon, being all openly me : )

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