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Welcome to Earthsoulyoga, a safe haven to discover the healing benefits of yoga and mindful movement.

I founded Earthsoulyoga five years ago when I began teaching Yoga in Bandon.  My passion is to be able to share the healing wisdom of Yoga and Mindful Movement in all its forms, so that we may find easeful being in body, mind & spirit.

EarthSoulYoga Studio is the first Yoga Centre in Bandon.  In our beginnings we already have a variety of teachers offering different styles and schools of yoga, and ultimately offering yoga for everyone. We offer Hatha, Satyananda, Teen, Kids, Pregnancy, Somatics, Gentle Yoga and more. Ultimately there is a yoga class there to suit every ‘body’.

I’m happy to be able to offer this Soul Space to Bandon Community, my home town.  So please have a browse around the website.  This page presents my schedule.  To find out about the other teachers offering yoga in EarthSoulYoga Centre and for the full class schedule please click on the ‘full timetable’ page in the menu above, or click on the green bar below.

If you would like to sign up for  newsletter please scroll down to the end of this page.  There will be news of upcoming events and workshops, changes in schedule, new classes on offer, therapies available. Also I will share simple yet powerful practices, that serve to soothe, to ground and centre you, to move you towards restful being.

Classes with Trish

for a full schedule of classes available in the centre please click on the green bar below

June -July 2018 Timetable 

Monday Evening 6.15 to 7.30 – Yoga for Men (suitable for beginners)

Monday Evening 7.45 to 9 –  Yoga for Everyone (suitable for beginners)

Tuesday Morning 11.30 to 12.45 –  Gentle Somatic Yoga, (suitable for beginners)


One to One Sessions Also Available

Please contact me @ 0857617258 to book your place


For confirmation of classes running in August it is best to text me.  Or keep an eye out on my facebook page, earthsoulyoga for updates on classes running. 

Summer Sale

(Please note each teacher in the Centre has their own payment system.)

  All classes with me are €12 to drop in for the summer only.  It can be a higgledy piggledy time for yoga goers.  With holidays and sunshine filled evenings, (we hope), yoga can take a back seat.  So as a teacher it’s a good time for me to try out new class formats, eg, Outdoor Yoga, and Yoga for Men, are both new classes.  Also people find it hard to commit to a full term.  So I am keeping it flexible. Pun intended ; ) All classes are drop in, and you are very welcome to come along and give it a go.  You might love it, you might hate it…I’m easy : ) If you feel drawn to trying out yoga, don’t be shy, pop along to any class and discover for yourself what it is all about.

Class Descriptions

to help you decide what might suit you best

Teen Yoga

A space where you can have fun, but also learn some tools that will serve you in life. We will focus on postures, movement, breath awareness, grounding, relaxation techniques and meditation. I hope to create a safe space in which you can explore your inner landscape and discover your own inner resources. Empowering you to fully be who you are . 

 Beginners Moving Yoga

This class is suitable for beginners, it will focus on the fundamentals of a yoga practice; Self compassion, awareness of the breath, alignment and engagement, grounding,  relaxation and restful being. Hopefully you will discover the inner peace that can be accessed through simply letting go of all that you carry in daily life, tuning in to your breath and your inner landscape, meeting yourself with compassion and openness, and gently coming to rest in the centre of your being. This class will be suited to those who have a good range of mobility. You should be able to move with relative ease from one pose into another.

Improvers Yoga

This class is most suitable for people who have some experience of yoga with an understanding the basic principles of yoga. We will go deeper into alignment principles, the principles of yoga through the eight limbs of yoga, exploring the chakras, body awareness, body mind centring, somatic movement, breath practice’s, and meditation.  (Please note this class is a level 2 class, advancing from beginners to the next stage.  If you are an experienced practitioner looking to be physically challenged into demanding and advanced postures this class probably won’t suit you.)

Yoga for Everyone

This class is suitable for beginners. It will be a be a balanced approach to the practice that will be accessible to everyone. We will focus on the fundamentals of a yoga practice; Self compassion, awareness of the breath, alignment and engagement, grounding, relaxation and restful being. I will offer variations and modifications so that everyone may benefit from the practice in a way that serves their own needs best.

Gentle Somatic Yoga

This class is suitable for beginners and for veteran yogi’s who prefer a gentler practice. The movements will be soft, slow and easy. Mindfulness of our body’s moving and ease of breath will be the cornerstone of this gentle practice. I will incorporate somatic movements, a form of mindful movement that helps the body to align and awaken with ease. We will work to gently awaken those parts of ourselves that have been unconsciously held through stress and trauma. We will learn ways to cultivate ease in our being. 

To learn more about somatic movement please click on the Somatic button below.

One to One Sessions

For clients who feel they might benefit from one to one sessions I offer a combination of yoga and somatic movement education.

One to one sessions may be beneficial to if you have a particular issue that you feel would benefit from a personalised approach. ( Please see the page on Somatics for more information.)  I will combine somatic movement education with the wisdom of yoga, drawing from practices that help to settle the nervous system, relieves stress and support the whole body-mind in moving towards easeful being.  

trish yoga bandon

I am available to teach yoga & somatic movement in schools,  as private sessions or for special groups and sports teams.  

I also offer one to one sessions.  

I come to this work with an open heart and with a sincere intention to work with people in a way that is supportive and kind. I will endeavour to support you in finding joy in moving your body, and peace in coming towards inner stillness, always guiding you towards home, returning to your Self and your own inner wisdom.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 085-7617258

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